Industry Demos

Industry Demos

You are welcome to present your producst and project results during the Industry demos.
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The following institutions and companies will showcase their activities:

About the G3-PLC Alliance
The G3-PLC Alliance is a consortium created in 2011 to standardize and promote G3-PLC technology for smart metering, smart grids, smart appliances and industrial application, on a worldwide scale. Today, the G3-PLC Alliance counts more than 70 members, that are international key stakeholders of the smart grid ecosystem, including utility companies, equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, system integrators, IT vendors and automotive and industrial companies. Together, they support, promote and implement the G3-PLC technology in various applications. G3-PLC technology is now the selected technology e.g. for smart metering, street lighting and Home Energy Management Systems in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Today, millions of G3-PLC products are already in operation throughout the world.

OPAL-RT Europe
OPAL-RT is the world leader in the development of PC/FPGA-based real-time simulators, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems to design, test and optimize control and protection systems used in power grids, power electronics, and various industries, as well as R&D centers and universities.

OPAL-RT is dedicated to providing open, real-time simulation for power systems. Due to the unpredictability of weather changes and other external factors, renewable energy sources in microgrids are often considered to be variable resources requiring complex, reliable control systems to regulate the flow and quality of power, voltage and frequency. The greater the complexity of the systems, the more tests are required, all with greater accuracy than ever before. Real-time digital simulation enables researchers to study the effects of multiple scenarios, in near-real conditions and without risk, prior to deployment in the field. The company's platforms meet and exceed the new requirements of power systems professionals as the industry focuses increasingly on cybersecurity.

DREWAG and DREWAG NETZ are companies from Dresden, for Dresden and for the people of Dresden. We supply nearly 300,000 customers with electricity, natural gas, drinking water and district heat. In our environment-friendly plants we generate most of our electricity, heat and drinking water ourselves. DREWAG is helping to shape Dresden`s future. With our modern energy concepts we help ensure that people in the region continue to enjoy a high quality of life. The jobs and training opportunities we provide create long-term prospects for the people of our city. DREWAG and DREWAG NETZ - are strong partners for Dresden and its people.

The ENSO AG provides East Saxony with electricity, natural gas, heat and energy services. The energy net company called ENSO NETZ is a 100% subsidiary. With the help of efficient grids and assets it stands for reliable and high quality energy distribution. The certification of the technical safety management for all energy sources offers proof for that. The ENSO-group is also certified in the environment management system in compliance with ISO 14001. In addition to experience, competence and customer access in the rural surrounding both enterprises bring in their knowledge for creating modern concepts of infrastructure and mobility. This is based on customer habits as well as on the know how with regard to energy data management and smart grids.